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Agency of solidarity and regenerative travel

Let’s travel conscioussly.

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 Let’s travel to places where they care of Earth and People for a sustainable and peaceful life.

Soliderrance offers you immersion trips. Trips to experience a way of life that really takes care of Earth and People. 

Discover Colombia differently...

Your tailor-made trips to Colombia.

Soliderrance is a family story. My father created the agency in 2017 as a nonprofit organization to share his passion for Africa. He organized immersion trips in the heart of Senegal. The traveler contributed to the development of the village he visited.  

In 2021, I decide to give a new impetus to this great initiative and keep the concept of solidarity trips to make you discover Colombia, a country where I lived for several years. 

Discover our unique and authentic hosts…

Tourism is not their main activity.

Their infrastructure guarantee confort, sanitary rules and seek well-being

The way they live respects Earth and all living beings.

They have the intention and ability to share their way of life and knowledge

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