In an eco-village

The region

Boyaca is located to the north of the region’s capital Bogota in the state of Cundinamarca.  It is in the middle eastern part of the country and stretches all the way up to Venezuela to its east.  Its original inhabitants, les Muiscas, were one of the most organised civilisations both socially and culturally when the Spanish arrived in 1537.  Simon Bolivar delivered the Nueva Granada from the Spanish crown in 1819 at the “bridge of Boyaca”.  This region is a major producer of potatoes and sugar cane.  Its temperature range varies from 35 degrees in the north, down to below freezing at the top of the snowy summit El Cocuy which culminates at 5,490 m.  The main tourist attractions are the villages of Leyva and Mongui where you will certainly come across inhabitants wearing their traditional “Ruana”. 

The hosts

A few hours from Bogota, in a peaceful region according to Silvio, one of your future hosts, SolidErrance introduces you to an eco village created in 2012. First created by Betto and his wife, they were soon joined by Beatriz and Silvio.  

The area covers 10 hectares 2 of which are reserved exclusively for private and communal living areas. The most striking element on your arrival is the organic built houses each of which is more beautiful than the other.  

These days 4 families live in this little haven and they will be happy to welcome you and to share their daily routine with you.  Beatriz and Silvio will be your main hosts. They have been living in a community setting for more than 30 years and they have already been involved in 3 similar projects.  Beatriz is highly involved in the national and international organisation of eco villages and environmental led projects. She supports both directly and indirectly numerous projects designed to take care of people and the planet in a sustainable and peaceful way.  

She was behind the « Biocontruyendo Columbia » and « El llamado de la montana » initiatives which bring together hundreds of people to exchange and build together a better world.  

Once a week, the 4 families share tasks and chores (communal vegetable garden, maintenance of surroundings, organisation of events etc….) Do not hesitate to take part! 

 You will be accommodated into cabins equipped with a kitchen. You will be able to choose between half-board, full-board or a no meals included package while staying with host families. You will meet amazing people with an extraordinary appetite for life. You will also have the opportunity to rest or visit villa de Leyva and enjoy a glass of wine on its very famous square or even go for a swim in the waterfalls nearby.  You will also have the opportunity to visit and spend some time with the milk producers in the area. So come along and be part of this natural and healthy living environment.