At Margarita and Ever

Engaged community life and paradise beaches.

The region

The Colombian Caribbean region and its dry tropical climate (30° on average) extends from the border with Panama to the Guajira desert, the northernmost point of all Latin America. Hundreds of kilometers of beaches, each more paradisiacal than the other, along the lively cities of Cartagena (and its colonial heritage), Barranquilla (and its emblematic carnival) and Santa Marta (near the Tayrona park). But not only! This region is also home to one of the highest coastal mountains in the world. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta culminates at 5775m of altitude at only 40 km from the coast. This massif is the original habitat of the descendants of 4 Amerindian tribes: the kogis, the arhuacos, the wiwas and the kankuamos. Traveling in the Colombian Caribbean is also experiencing a delicious party culture, living with a relative notion of time and schedules, eating fresh fish and coconut rice almost every day, and above all, letting yourself be surprised and enjoying!

Vos actions solidaires & régenératives

  • Découvrez la région du café pour vivre la Colombie traditionnelle
  • Ressentez l’histoire et vivez le présent de Medellín en rencontrant ses habitants
  • Ressourcez-vous dans la région reculée du chocó en passant plusieurs jours avec une communauté
  • Voyagez à travers plusieurs régions entre villes, montagnes, jungle et océan
  • Profitez de l’accompagnement d’un guide local tout au long de votre voyage

The hosts

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“Yo soy porque nosotros somos” – “I am because we are” – this proverb gives you an idea of the sheer scale of the philosophical mindset of this area which is within an hour of Cartagena. Margarita and Ever will welcome you to Grande Island which is the main island of the Rodario archipelago.  

Ever de la Rosa was born on the island. He is of afro-Columbian descent and has spent his whole life fighting for official recognition of its community, its culture and its territory. He is the most prominent social figurehead on the island and only recently succeeded in securing a collective title for the community from all the islands of Rosario.  He is a source of inspiration for other communities with whom he works for the recognition of their ethnic rights and the protection of their ancestral homeland.  Margarita is a biologist by trade who subsequently specialised in the development of rural communities. She has been actively engaged in several sustainable life projects at both national and international levels.  

Nowadays she is in charge of an association who aims to strengthen communities through the recognition of cultural, ecological and social diversification.  This will give you something to talk about on the beach! 

 The main objectives of these schemes which are being implemented throughout the archipelago are the conservation of the marine and terrestrial eco-systems on the one hand, and the cultural and social recognition through education on the other. They intend to continue with the construction of their cabins together with the on-going revegetation of their area. Don’t hesitate to join in and support his noble cause.  

However, “Caraibe” also includes water activities, kayaking in the mangroves and touring around the archipelago of Rosario. Fresh fish and coconut rice “patacon“ are the order of the day. Have a cocktail while relaxing on the white sandy beaches enjoying the sunset. You can share in the lives of native Caribbean people like Margarita and Ever by spending time with them on Isla Grande;  you will be actively supporting a social and ecological action plan by personally engaging in the daily activities of your hosts while you relax in a little corner of paradise.  

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