Let’s travel to places where they really care of earth & people to support and inspire a sustainable, regenerative and peaceful life.

Solidarity, regenerative and immersive trips in Colombia and Senegal

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Our next departures

12 Octobre 2024

Yoya et Bien-être ancestral : 2 circuits de 10 jours

09 & 30 Novembre 2024

3 peuples, 3 cultures - 14 jours

23 Décembre 2024

Noël et Jour de l’an en famille colombienne - De Minca à Rincon

23 Décembre 2024

Noël et Jour de l’an en famille colombienne - De Rincon à Minca

13 Juillet 2024

14 jours en Casamance Sénégalaise

07 Septembre 2024

14 jours en Casamance Sénégalaise

How are your hosts selected? Discover them...


Tourism is not their main activity.


Their infrastructure ensures comfort, health rules in force and generates well-being.


Their living environment respects the Earth and its living beings.​


They have the desire and the ability to share their way of life and knowledge with travelers.​

Soliderrance is a family story. It was my father who created the agency in 2017 as an association to share his passion for Africa. He organizes immersion trips to the heart of Senegal during which the traveler contributes to the development of the village which welcomes him.

In 2021, I decide to give new impetus to this great initiative and keep the concept of solidarity travel to help you discover Colombia, a country where I lived for several years.

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