The Senegalese Casamance

Mangroves, beaches, ocean, villages, traditions, human warmth, no doubt: you have arrived safely in Casamance! This region of Senegal has the reputation of being the true Teranga (“land of welcome”). Located in the south of Senegal, it is bordered to the north by its neighbor Gambia, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south by Guinea-Bissau. Casamance is a true Senegalese jewel and very often the favorite of many travelers. You will quickly realize that the south of Senegal has a lot to offer with its exuberant nature and cultural richness.


KM from east to west

Because Casamance is first and foremost a river!​


millions of people

8% of the Senegalese population


main ethnic groups

The Diolas being the majority


mangroves in the low islands of Casamance


administrative aeras

Zinguinchor, Sédhiou, Kolda

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