The traveler’s charter

We, travelers, have decided to go with Soliderrance to take part in a journey of solidarity and regeneration.

Solidarity: we are aware that by our presence we contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the visited territories and their inhabitants.

Our contribution may take the form of a participation in the activities on the spot and/or a symbolic donation to the association or foundation that receives us (if a financial contribution takes place, it will have been specified and validated by the attached estimate, signed).

Furthermore, we understand the interest of staying at least 6 days in the places we visit to encourage sharing, exchange and an experience in immersion. This experience is as beneficial for our guests as it is for us.

Regenerative: we are aware that the lifestyle and activities of the hosts we visit encourage the regeneration of their environment. We are committed to doing everything we can to leave the area in a better state than when we arrived and thus have a positive and lasting impact. By regenerative we also mean our well-being and that of those we travel with. This well-being can be expressed on the 3 dimensions (physical, emotional and spiritual) according to the wishes of each person.

We commit ourselves to be travelers :

  • aware of our impact,
  • reasonable in our needs and expectations,
  • curious to discover an alternative way of life and a different culture,
  • participating in the life of the territory we visit (without being obliged to do so).                         

Finally, we decide to travel with Soliderrance in full awareness of the criteria that the agency has established to select our hosts:

  1. Hosting travelers is NOT their main activity but generates an income that ensures the permanence of their main activity.
  2. Their main activity and their way of life tend towards “Taking care of the Earth and the people for a sustainable and peaceful life”.
  3. They are willing and able to share their daily life, but they will continue to carry out their daily tasks and can offer us to help them.
  4. They offer a catering service and a housing infrastructure that ensures well being, convenience and respect of sanitary rules.